Fort Hope and Delta Liquid Energy Make an Energy Efficient, Cost Effective Pair to Help Local Kids in Need

When stepping onto the property at Fort Hope in Huasna, California you are immediately transported to a time in California’s history that many have forgotten. Owners Pat and Leanne Loomis have dedicated their lives to building a place where at-risk youth can enjoy a taste of what life would have been like in California in the early 1800’s. Gold panning, archery, corn husk doll making, wood carving, and corn hole are just a few of the activities children enjoy when visiting Fort Hope. This labor of love started with a vision Pat had to build a place for fatherless children, a place where children in need of mentoring and care could forget about their daily struggles for a few hours and just enjoy being kids. It’s all about making memories; the kids that come out here don’t have too many good memories. But, on that day (when they come to Fort Hope), it’s all about joy.”

To accomplish this goal was no easy feat for the Loomis’ and they’ve worked steadily for many years to grow and improve Fort Hope. One aspect of their ranch that helps make the dream possible is that it is almost completely powered by propane. Natural gas lines don’t reach out to Huasna so propane is the viable option for heating the many buildings, providing heat for cooking, and for maintaining a steady flow of hot water. As a non-profit, it is important for Fort Hope to have a cost effective, convenient solution and propane has the ability to meet these needs.

During their annual fundraiser in April, Fort Hope ‘turns on the town’ with volunteers dressed in traditional clothing and manning the blacksmith shop, the bakery, and the cooking station. Propane is used to heat the water at the oak pit barbecue and to heat the buildings for this event. Guests come to experience the adventures of living in the 1800’s, just like the kids do. “We raise money so all the groups of kids can come for free,” says Pat Loomis. “For the homeless kids, they don’t own anything. They make a corn husk doll that day, and we teach them wood carving, so they get to go home with some good stuff.” The money raised helps to finance these activities, propane keeps the property running and Pat says he could not be happier with the service provided by Delta Liquid Energy (DLE).

Delta Liquid Energy has been providing this reliable fuel to Fort Hope, and the Loomis family homes which are also located on property, for years. Propane keeps costs down for Pat and DLE offers up the best service. “The reason we use Delta Liquid Energy primarily is because of the relationship with Chris (Kneel). He is Johnny on the Spot. We’ve been doing business with Delta a long time and they’ve saved us from running out of propane many times,” says Pat. On the ranch, the Loomis’ are doing business with all types of vendors, primarily basing their decisions on price – but not with propane. They’ve chosen DLE because of a great price per gallon AND because of the relationship they’ve built with District Sales Manager, Chris Kneel. Pat even recalls not too long ago when DLE saved their Thanksgiving holiday. The family had unintentionally run their tank too low and DLE made an emergency visit to refill their propane tank just before forty-four house guests showed up. Thanks to Delta Liquid Energy and the propane they provide, Fort Hope continues to run smoothly and help children in need in our local community.