Payment Options

At Delta Liquid Energy we aim to find payment options to fit our customer’s needs.

Credit Card on File for Automatic Payment

The easiest way to take care of your propane costs is to have a credit card on file with Delta Liquid Energy. Your credit card will be automatically charged once your delivery has been processed by your local office. Please review some of our payment plan options below as a credit card on file can also be used with our Level Monthly Payment Plan and our Pre-Buy Program.

Download DLE’s Mobile App Today

Did you know you can now manage your Delta Liquid Energy account through our mobile app? Download it today in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With our mobile app you can:

  1. Manage your account
    • change your password
    • update contact information
    • review delivery and payment details
  2. Pay your bill
  3. SOON you will be able to schedule a delivery

Click here to learn more.

Cash on Delivery

As a customer, if you opt not to have a credit card on file with Delta Liquid Energy you may instead choose to pay for your propane delivery prior to our driver’s arrival or prior to your propane tank being filled. Being a cash on delivery customer does not necessarily mean you must pay with cash; it does mean, however, that payment must successfully be processed prior to any propane deliveries.

Level Monthly Payments

Our Level Monthly Payment plan is offered to customers who would like to have a known utility bill cost each month. This Level Monthly Payment plan offers the convenience of equal monthly installments for your annual propane use. Simply contact your local Delta Liquid Energy office and together we will estimate your annual propane expense. This total is divided into 11 equal monthly installments. The 12th installment of the year is used to adjust for what the actual propane expense for the year was versus what you actually paid. Sign ups for this program are offered each year from April 1st through August 31st .

Contact your local DLE office today  for full program details and to find out your level payment plan estimate.

Pre-Buy Program

Delta Liquid Energy’s Pre-Buy Program is an excellent way to take advantage of traditionally lower prices for most of your deliveries. By signing up in late spring or early summer, you can take advantage of seasonal summer prices to purchase your winter propane deliveries. Your local customer service representative can help you estimate your expected winter use, answering the question of, “How much should I pre-buy?” Your estimated winter use will be purchased in the summer time at a price that will typically be lower than winter prices on the date your deliveries will occur. Once you’ve pre-purchased your estimated winter use, deliveries of this propane will start in October and will conclude in March. For a detailed description of our Pre-Buy Program, click here, or call your local Delta Liquid Energy Office.

Bulk Payments

For customers who are looking to save some money on their propane bill, we offer a ten cent ($0.10) discount per gallon to those who pay for their propane delivery in full within 15 days of said delivery. This discount will be applied as a credit to your account and is valid using any form of payment within 15 days – you may pay by cash, check, or credit card. Upon receipt of the payment, we will apply a credit to your account! This offer is valid for bulk deliveries that refill your residential tank to the fixed liquid level gauge. Some restrictions may apply so please ask your customer service representative for more information and how you can participate.

Governmental Assistance

For customers on a limited income, the State of California does offer programs to help supplement the cost of your energy bill. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is one such option. LIHEAP provides assistance to eligible low-income households to help meet their immediate home heating or cooking energy needs. With this program a household of two with a combined annual income lower than $30,000 would be eligible for assistance. For more information about the program and how you can apply for funding, please visit the California Department of Community Services and Development’s website.