Press Releases

A family-owned company since its foundation in 1936, Delta Liquid Energy knows the value of treating their employees as family. As a result, many DLE employees stay with the company for 10, 20, or more years. These notable commitments are often featured in local newspapers and business publications. In addition, Delta Liquid Energy often participates in local community events and fundraising efforts. Many of our employee’s stories as well as progressive company news can be seen in local and statewide publications. For more information about the DLE team in the news, take a look at the propane industry press releases below.


Propane Supplier Sees Cars Fueling Sales and Savings

April 26, 2012

Pac Biz Times – When Harry Platz started a propane distribution company in 1936, many of his clients in Northern San Luis Obispo County had never heard of the alternative fuel source. Read more (PDF)…

Photo of the new ARRO Station.

Arro Autogas and Local Arco Gas Station Debut a New Propane Refueling Site

December 21, 2011

Dignitaries Honor the Grand Opening of a Propane (aka “Autogas”) Refueling Location for Autogas Vehicles Read more (PDF)…

Picture of a bobtail truck with ARRO Autogas decals.

Local Propane Marketer Delta Liquid Energy Announces New Arro Autogas Department

September 23, 2011

Arro Autogas is a New Propane Transport Fuel Provider for Fleets throughout California. Read more (PDF)…

A photo of a bulk tank.

Local Propane Marketer Assists Customers in Gaining Tax Credits For Using Cleaner Burning Vehicles

July 11, 2011

Delta Liquid Energy Urges Local Residents to Write in Support of Green Solutions Act Read more (PDF)…

A photo of Karen Reeves.

Karen Reeves Celebrates Eleven Years with Local Propane Marketer Delta Liquid Energy

December 21, 2010

Accounting Auditor Karen Reeves recently celebrated her eleventh year of employment at local propane company Delta Liquid Energy (DLE). Reeves has been an Accounting Auditor there since 2001. Read more (PDF)…

California Propane Marketer Leads the Way with New Propane Motor Vehicles

April 26, 2010

Within a month of the new vehicles becoming available, Delta Liquid Energy (DLE), based in California, has purchased four new Roush propane powered F-250 fleet vehicles, leading the way in supporting the latest development in propane motor vehicles. Read more (PDF)…

A photo of a CleanFuelUSA propane dispenser.

Delta Liquid Energy and CleanFuelUSA Install 25 New Public Propane Refueling Sites

February 22, 2010

Thanks to the Clean Cities Recovery Act Awards for Alternative and Advanced Vehicles, California drivers can look forward to more alternative fuel options at the pump over the next two years. As partial recipients of a $12,299,828 grant, CleanFuelUSA and local propane marketer Delta Liquid Energy will install 25 new public propane refueling sites in the Los Angeles Basin and Northern California. Read more (PDF)…

A photo of a Blue Sky propane-powered bus.

Delta Liquid Energy Announces New Contract with L.A. Unified School District

October 28, 2009

Local propane marketer, Delta Liquid Energy, has announced a new contract for 90 propane-powered Blue Bird Vision School Buses for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). LAUSD is the second largest school district in the nation with over 2,500 bus routes running daily. Cleared for safe passage by the 2010 California Air Resource Board, the new buses will replace highly polluting, smog-producing buses made in 1987 or earlier. In conjunction with the 72 Blue Bird Vision buses already in use by privately contracted school bus service provider Student Transportation of America, the new Delta Liquid Energy (DLE) contract will bring the total to 162 propane-powered school buses in the LAUSD by the second week of November. Read more (PDF)…