Data Privacy and Consent Policy

Data is sometimes acquired by visitors when they voluntarily fill out a web form. Information as acquired are, but not limited to; First name, last name, email address, contact number, city, and state. Delta Liquid Energy does not sell visitor acquired data.

Data Privacy Use

Delta Liquid Energy (DLE) collects visitor data through the newsletter signup form and any contact forms that Delta Liquid Energy may have on their website products.

What DLE Does With The Data


DLE uses the data to communicate with the visitor. DLE sends advertisements, resources, and responses to inquiries with the data that is provided.


The data that is provided goes through an analytical process that aides DLE strategy and reach to potential customers.


The data that is acquired, that subscribes a visitor to the DLE newsletters, is shared with third party applications. The applications aides in the creation and distribution of newsletters.


This is how DLE responds to legal actions. We access, preserve and share your information with regulators, law enforcement or other party members that are in the investigation.

Consent Use

I consent to the above practices as I voluntarily give data to Delta Liquid Energy.

I acknowledge that upon request my personal identifiable information can be be removed from Delta Liquid Energy website product records.


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